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Gas Line Services: Call Before You Dig

Heating systems, appliances, and other hook-ups all need gas to work. However, a home can only get gas if it has a gas line. 

In this way, gas lines are a crucial yet dangerous link. Crucial because of the job they do; dangerous because they are hazardous to work with. 

Working on underground utilities on your own is not only dangerous, but it can also involve legal requirements you may need to learn about. Before you start working on your gas lines, call the experts at HomeX Plumbing & Rooter in Anaheim, CA.  

Leave Gas Line Services to the Experts

Gas lines are often buried only a few inches below the ground. So, even if you are only digging a shallow hole, there is a chance you will hit one. If this happens, you could cause an explosion, start a gas leak, or cause an injury or death.

At least a few days before you start digging for gas lines, you need to call the national “Call Before You Dig” number, 811. You may also want to call a local utility locating service. 

Both of these options will ask you for more information. Then, they can identify and mark your underground utilities, keeping you, other people, and your utilities safe. 

By letting the experts at HomeX Plumbing & Rooter handle your gas line services, you don’t have to worry about all of this. You can rest easier knowing we’ll meet all legal requirements while keeping you and everyone else safe. 

Our trained technicians avoid using mechanized equipment near certain marked areas. Instead, we take extreme caution and hand-dig near any line markings.

During and after the excavation, we’ll be on the lookout for warning signs of a gas leak, like rotten egg smells, dead vegetation, or hissing sounds. You have peace of mind knowing our trained professionals know how to safely work with and around gas lines.

Safe Gas Line Installation

Our technicians offer both natural gas line services and propane line services. With these, we can run new gas lines to your home. 

We acquire all relevant permits, properly ventilate the area, and determine the precise placement of the gas line before even beginning the installation process. Our 25+ years of experience ensure a secure, safe, and long-lasting installation. 

Gas Line Repair and Replacement

Gas lines are not invulnerable. If they experience problems, immediate gas line repair will be necessary to fix the issue. Otherwise, the line is a huge risk to everyone nearby. 

The experts at HomeX Plumbing & Rooter can be there to fix any issues that may be present in your gas line. We’ll fix leaks and replace damaged sections. If the problems are significant, we can even replace the entire line. 

Gas Line Maintenance

Gas lines are not something you want to take any chances with. Because of this, scheduling gas line maintenance now and then is a huge help. 

During a gas line inspection, we will thoroughly evaluate your gas line to look for small signs of damage. If we discover any issues, like corrosion, cracks, or leakage, we can immediately take care of them. Annual maintenance can ensure code compliance and prevent major issues down the line, keeping you and your family safe. 

Appliance Hook-Up

If you recently bought a new gas appliance, like a gas stove, you’ll need to hook it up to your home’s gas line. However, doing this yourself can be difficult. An improper installation may prevent the appliance from working or open a space for gas to leak out. 

For the safest and easiest approach to appliance hook-up, trust the experts at HomeX Plumbing & Rooter. We’ll safely install your appliance and ensure it runs properly. 


1. What type of pipe is used for gas lines?

Pipes for gas lines may be made from steel, copper, PVC, black iron, or HDPE.

2. Can I run a gas line to my house?

You can run a gas line to your house in some municipalities, but the city will likely require hiring a professional to install the gas line. Working with a licensed plumber is a safer option compared to doing it yourself.

3. How deep are natural gas lines to a house?

Most gas lines in the U.S. are between 18 and 24 inches deep. Main gas lines are usually 24 inches deeper than service lines.

Do you need service for your gas lines but want to ensure it’s done safely and correctly? Call 714-439-1653 today to schedule an appointment with HomeX Plumbing & Rooter in Anaheim, CA.

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