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Even though they aren’t always regularly thought of, your home’s pipes are an integral part of your home operating normally. Mostly housed in the walls, under floorboards, and part of the overhead areas in basements, pipes carry water to and from the the house. However, because our pipes are hidden in areas that are hard to see and even harder to reach, knowing when and how to fix them can be a big problem. When we don’t have our home’s pipes fixed correctly or have them repaired in a timely manner, major problems can occur such as water damage brought on by cracked or broken pipes.

Here at HomeX Plumbing, we offer the best plumbing and rooter services in the Buena Park area. Our plumbing experts will thoroughly inspect your home from top to bottom to make sure we find anything and everything that may be hurting your home’s pipes. Whether it’s just the simple tightening of some bolts or complete pipe replacement, your local plumbers at HomeX will be able to help you. We’ll be able to pinpoint the exact problem with your hidden and hard to reach pipes and get the situation under control quickly and efficiently. When you have water troubles, be sure to call HomeX Plumbing and Rooter, the best plumbers in Buena Park.

We offer the following water leak repair services:

Electronic Leak Detection — We don’t need to break down your wall to check the pipes; our machines can detect the leak for us.

Copper Repair — Copper can be challenging to repair, but we are the team for the job.

Slab Leak Repair — Slab leaks occur when the water lines beneath your home leak. It’s quite common, but you need professionals to handle it. Call our team.

Re-Routes — We may need to re-route a pipe to ensure a leak doesn’t happen again. Allow us to handle it.

Re-Pipes — When a pipe cracks and cannot be fixed, we need to replace it. Our team has the tools and expertise to get the job done right.


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