Planning a shower replacement or entire bathroom remodel? You should consider sprucing up what you already have first, and see if replacing your existing shower with one similar will work better for your budget and household. If not, then go all-out to create the perfect, tranquil bathroom space for you and your family. 

Ultimate Guide to Shower Replacement & Bathroom Renovation

The shower and bath are central to your bathroom’s overall feeling. But completely remodeling your entire bathroom may be costly and totally unneeded. Homeowners can still achieve that luxurious look by simply replacing your shower, or even better, replacing shower fixtures and hardware. 

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Your Shower?

While there is no easy answer, the cost of a shower replacement or remodel weighs heavily on the style of shower and desired outcome. Typically priced out at anywhere from $2,000-$9,000, renovating your shower can fluctuate depending on if you have a prefab shower or tiles. Taking out tiles and replacing makes the cost swell, while replacing a prefab shower requires much less work.  


A custom shower will give you the opportunity to have a relaxing, personalized experience. If you don’t want to spend money on pre-made shower stalls or acrylic tubs, then customize your own. Whether it’s designed for one person or multiple people in your family, the options are limitless! You can tile the walls of your shower with beautiful tiles that match any decor. 

Shower stalls come in different shapes and sizes, so you can change your shower’s footprint without renovating the entire bathroom. For those who want more space than what they have available, or just need to improve upon a smaller bathroom for an apartment building with low ceilings, there are square-shaped showers that will fit nicely into any corner of the tub area while still providing excellent water pressure from every nozzle thanks to their small depth rating. 

A rectangle shaped bath may also be ideal if one has limited wall length, but wants two separate wet areas instead. 

Replacing Shower Fixtures

Shower Replacement Shower Heads

Single-head Showerheads 

Single head spray showerheads have been in use for decades and they still remain one of the most popular options. The nozzles adjust with a small lever to change from wide patterns, then narrows down into just one powerful, concentrated blast that will help get any soap residue off really quickly!

Single-Head Showerhead
Rain Showerhead Shower Replacement

Rain Showerheads

Rain showerheads offer luxury on another level. Rain showers resemble that of a summer rainstorm. The droplets feel refreshing on your skin and the sound of sprinkling water washes any anxieties right down the drain. While it may take you extra time to shower due to its minimal water pressure, who wants your shower to end when it feels this good?

Dual & Multiple Shower Heads

Dual and multiple showerheads are an excellent way to enjoy your bath time in style. Not only will they make sure that you get the perfect amount of water at all times, but with a dual or multi-head setup, there’s no limit on how many people can use it at once!

Dual Shower Heads
Hand-Held Shower Head

Handheld Showerheads

Handheld shower heads provide a simple and easy way to wash those hard-to reach places due to the showerhead being attached to a flexible hose. Hand-held showers are good for people with limited mobility, as well as those who might take their baths sitting down.

Body Sprays

Body sprays have multiple spray heads integrated into the shower wall. Some are compact nozzles, while others nearly flush against the wall for an extra bit of water pressure and tension. With over 45 psi (pounds per square inch) delivered through three quarter inch supply lines, there are almost unlimited possibilities in design combinations when designing a custom body wash experience that’s just right for you. Prices start at $500 and go all the way up to over $5,000. 

Body Spray Shower Head

DIY Shower Remodel vs. Professional Shower Remodel 

It’s an interesting process deciding whether to hire a professional or go it alone when you’re considering a shower renovation. The benefits of hiring a pro are that you can save yourself time, effort and any potential headaches by knowing you are in good hands. 

If you are aiming to attempt to do-it-yourself and lack experience with this higher tier of handy work, you run the risk of possibly miscalculating some vital measurements which could cost you more in the long run to correct any mistakes. 

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