Plumbers are often perceived as downright messy. If you ask around for a reliable plumbing company, it is easy to get discouraged by all the horror stories about dirty, expensive, and rude, sloppy plumbers.


Despite the misconceptions, no two plumbers are the same. When seeking reliable plumbing, you’ll find most plumbers are in fact very professional and respectful. Many of the myths about bad plumbers turn out to be just stereotypes. We’ll now quickly debunk them for you.


Plumbers Are Dirty


A bad plumber can leave your home in shambles. Dust, dirt, and debris everywhere. It can take months to get your bathroom back in order and it seems like your home will never be clean again. With a bad plumber, yes; this can be your experience. But a good plumber is clean, honest, and extremely careful out of respect and in regard to providing great customer service.


  • HomeX Plumbers Are Clean: If you’re looking for a clean plumber, you can trust HomeX. Our business is BBB-accredited. Whether you have a water or gas leak, need drain cleaning, or a hot water heater, pipe, or other type of plumbing repair, your home will be left clean and tidy.


Plumbers Charge Too Much


When you call a plumber, you are destined to be ripped off. It’s always better to go the DIY route and save money. That’s what anyone with a bad attitude towards plumbers would say.


However, it is a myth that plumbers will overcharge customers. While reliable plumbing comes with a fair price, some may charge for after-hours service. As such, you should always ask for a quote ahead of time (for most companies, this is standard). Many plumbing service providers offer financing options, coupons, and discounts so you can save and get the service you need.


  • HomeX Is Committed to Professionalism and Affordability: Our plumbers are fully trained, licensed, and certified in their field and have years of experience. With our membership plan, you get a discount plus priority service and an annual plumbing inspection.


Plumbers Are Rude


People often fall for the myth that plumbers are snotty and loud. By the chances of running into a plumber who is a complete jerk is unlikely. Plumbing companies have high standards of customer service and you’re likely to find their staff to be extremely attentive and courteous. A qualified plumbing contractor will explain every repair or replacement option and answer all your questions.


  • HomeX Plumbers Are Highly Rated: We have a positive rating by the BBB and have been praised in reviews on Angie’s List. And, we’re extremely customer-oriented, so working with us will change your perspective on the plumbing industry.


Plumbers Are Never Prepared


Here’s a scenario no one wants. The plumber arrives but realizes they don’t have the proper tools, or they take apart your toilet but don’t have the replacement part they need. A plumbing visit that includes an “oops!” is unlikely to happen. Plumbers are in fact always prepared and stock the necessary parts and tools beforehand. If for some reason they don’t have the part you need, They’ll know the right one and how to get it quickly, and write it into your estimate.


  • HomeX Plumbers Are Always Prepared: Our professionals have over 25 years of experience and are always prepared to help you and your family. We can address any plumbing problem quickly no matter its size or scope.


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