Drain repair can be a tricky job depending on the drain location and how bad the situation is. Major plumbing emergencies can be avoided if you recognize the signs of trouble and contact a professional. Fortunately, your drains can tell you a lot about the state of your plumbing system. Many issues can start in or near a drain. Symptoms of other problems can manifest here as well. These are seven signs that you need drain repair, which can avoid more costly plumbing repairs and water damage.

Signs You Need Drain Repair

Drain Repair

1. Slow Drainage

If water is draining more slowly, chances are the drain or pipe is clogged. Soap, grease, and hair can build up over time, so the problem may develop gradually. Since the growing blockage isn’t going anywhere, the symptoms won’t get better unless a professional drain cleaning is done. A plumber should check for pipe damage as well.

2. Water/Waste Backup

A sink, toilet, shower, or tub backup may not only signal a drain problem, but that your sewer needs repair as well. Pipe damage is often involved. It may be caused by corrosion, a pipe collapse, ground shifting, or intruding tree roots. Don’t wait to address the problem because if sewage is coming out of your drains, bacteria, viruses, and toxins can enter your home.

3. Bad Odors

When an unpleasant smell is coming out of your drains and plumbing fixtures, the culprits often include waste trapped in the drains or sewer gases. Sewage smells for many reasons. If it’s stuck in your drains rather than flowing through underground pipes, away from your home, seek drain repair

4. Clogs Happen Frequently

Having to unclog a shower drain or plunge the toilet over and over again means there is a hidden problem. Drains naturally clog from time to time. The problem shouldn’t repeat itself often. Another warning sign is if more than one drain/fixture keeps clogging up; there is likely a serious problem deeper in your plumbing lines.

5. Unusual Gurgling

Listening to your drains can help you know whether drain repair is needed. Your sink or shower drain, or toilet, should not be gurgling. This is an indication that air is trapped in the drain, and the cause of the issue should be determined by a professional plumbing technician. The source may be a faulty plumbing vent or sink trap.

6. Low Water Pressure

Unless someone inadvertently left the main water valve partially closed, low water pressure can be due to drain or pipe degradation, a clog, or faulty pressure regulator. If the pressure regulator is failing, water pressure can go down abruptly. It can also rise to dangerously high levels, increasing the risk of more serious plumbing damage.

7. Pests

Bugs and rodents can be a problem especially if sewage is backing up into your drains. Various species of insects feed off the nutrients in sewage. In turn, rodents feed off them, so your home becomes part of the food chain. If left unfixed, a drain problem can lead to major infestations that can affect your entire home.


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